TOPIC: Conduct a factory audit in order to select a dependable supplier

Conduct a factory audit in order to select a dependable supplier 11 Oct 2021 05:15 #1370262

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Finding suppliers who fit the bill is a relatively simple process. Buyers should then take part in the trade shows. We are also in the midst of fairs and exhibitions in China and Hong Kong, and buyers can check and search in online databases for suppliers, contact agents, traders, and other related information. Many suppliers can be identified in this manner, but choosing your manufacturer based on gut instinct is extremely risky. In order to select a reliable supplier, a factory audit would be carried out.Why is it necessary to conduct a factory inspections companies in order to select a reliable supplier?When a factory audit is conducted, the buyer gains a thorough understanding of the factory. He will then be able to clear up any confusion regarding this, including whether it is:In the case of a conFrom the perspective of a salesperson with little experienceIf the factory is able to manufacture the specific product that has been requestedIf a quality management system is in place to ensure high-quality inspection services production and, as a result, meets the needs of the buyer, the company will prosper.When selecting a supplier from a large number of options, but where there is a lot of confusion, the buyer can Pre-Shipment Inspection each of them. It will be easier and more certain to make a decision if they are compared using reliable and objective criteria.During a factory audit, auditors should use this checklist.Third-party inspection companies provide a variety of factory During Production Inspection services. Some are simplified in order to concentrate on the essentials, and they are also more cost-effective:On average, 1 man-day is required. Others, on the other hand, are much more precise and detailed (and therefore more expensive): they take two or more man-days. However, the most important factor to consider when selecting a company to conduct the audit is to ensure that it adheres to the ISO 9001 standard, which has proven to be the gold standard in the field of management systems. high-level of excellenceEven visiting a factory is a risky proposition. Instead, the buyer should delegate this task to a professional and local auditor who will be able to identify weak points, shady documents, and unusual behavior on the part of factory representatives.Professional auditors are well-versed in the manufacturing industry, the ISO 9001 standard, as well as the local culture. They are out in the field on a daily basis, as opposed to the buyers.The following information was verified at the plant by an external auditor:The factory's profile includes information such as its name, contact information, and license verification.Employees and the workforce include management, quality control, and other workers, among other things.Control of facilities, such as an office, equipment, a production line, and so on.Customers and previous business experience, as well as sample control, are all considered.Verification of documents, such as license certificates, etc.The management system includes the following functions: design control, purchasing control, inventory management, receipt inspection, production control, internal final product inspection and verification, measurement control and testing of equipment, resource management, continuous improvement, social and environmental responsibility.

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