Our Privacy Policy

Although we treasure every one of our web site members and visitors dearly - we don't have any interest in your individual details. We are more interested in what you as a herd are doing - how you got here, what pages you tend to visit, and what pages you don't tend to visit.

Server log files
We collect data and HTTP protocol elements through access logs. This is standard with any web server, is not personally identifiable, and is used for Web site development and system administration. The type of information collected includes browser type, IP address, date and time of visit, where you came from, and where you went while visiting our site.

Membership details

Minimal personal details are required for site membership, and these details are stored in a secure, password-protected database which is only accessible by the site's Super Administrator. Members' details will not be sold, rented/leased to or otherwise given to others without permission - unless required to by law. We have a strict anti-spam policy, However, we may occasionally use the mass-mailing feature of our site to advise members of important changes that could affect their ability to access the site or any site related information we thought you need to know. We do not publish the email addresses of site members.

Email contact form
Your email address will only be used in relation to the matter you write to us about. It will not be sold, rented/leased to or otherwise given to others without your express permission - unless required to by law. Due to the nature of email, sending information via the internet remains entirely at your own risk, and we will not be responsible for any unauthorised interception, use and disclosure of this information. We use a mail-form as it affords some protection against spam bots and malicious users. Once the matter you contact us about has been completed, your details are permanently deleted from our records.

This site uses cookies for the purposes of managing user logins. These should be time-limited, and can be cleared from your computer by clearing the cookie cache. Our cookies do not collect or transmit information about your online activities. We also do not have any 3rd party advertising that may result in cookies being placed on your computer. Any pop-up ads responsible for cookies when visiting this site are time-delayed exit consoles associated with the previous site you visited, or have been triggered by some browser enhancements.