Posting Rules

You agree, by using this website and forum, to abide by all rules and policies set by the administrator/owner of this site.


Section A - General Policy

1. Respect the forum staff
The forum staff members consist of the site administrator and moderators. They provide a service by volunteering their free time and resources in order to keep the forum running smoothly.

Decisions made by the staff should be respected. Do not argue with the staff directly in a topic. If you believe an error has been made either in moderation or other staff actions, and you wish to discuss it, politely contact through private message or report the post (see Rule B9, paragraph 1) or fill this contact form.

Feedback is welcome in the Site Feedbacks and Suggestions category. This is also the place to request assistance with forum software issues.

2. Accounts

Each member is allowed one account. Registering with multiple accounts is prohibited. Your account's security is your responsibility. Do not share your account credentials with someone else.

Misleading/offensive usernames and avatars will be removed. You will not impersonate forum staff or other people.

Respect everyone's privacy. You will not post personal information of other people: their addresses, real names, e-mail, contact details, or any other personal information without their consent. It's up to you how much information you're willing to share about yourself.

When necessary, warnings will be given to any member in direct violation of the site's rules. If the member persists in committing infractions, he/she will be banned. It's the staff member's discretion how long the ban will take effect.

3. Unexpected issues

While every effort is made to make these rules as comprehensive as possible, the forum staff cannot anticipate every situation. Consequently, they reserve the right to amend these rules and/or take any action they deem appropriate to ensure the forum is not disrupted or abused in any way.

Section B - Posting Guidelines

1. Search before you post
Before you post in the forum, search the web using your favorite search site (Google, Yahoo!, etc.). You can also use the forum's built-in search button located near the beginning of every page.

2. Religious, political, conspiracy theories, debates and similar topics
Such discussions are strictly prohibited in the main forum. Everybody is entitled to have different political or religious views, but politics, religion and similar topics are topics that can ruin a thread very quickly. Please do not use this forum for political or religious discussions.

3. Support via private messaging or e-mail
Asking support questions via private messages or e-mail is strongly discouraged. It defeats the purpose of the forum to be a resource for people seeking assistance by using web/forum searches.

4. Creating, editing and replying to threads
Before you create a new thread, consider which category your thread should belong to. Posting in the appropriate category can make it easier for others to provide answers as well as for future searches. Do not cross-post or make duplicate topics.

Use informative titles in your topics. Do not use generic titles (example: "Help me!!!"). Make titles that define the problem in a clear and concise manner (example: "Spell check not working in LibreOffice 5.0"). A clear title will attract more views to the topic. Details are equally important. When providing details, include what is relevant, any action you have already attempted and the result of that action.

After submitting a post, you have ten minutes if you want to edit your entry. Once this grace period is over, you will no longer be able to make changes to your post.

Do not derail a support thread with off-topic replies. If you want to initiate an unrelated discussion, create a new thread in the corresponding category.

5. Proper use of the message editor
Exercise due diligence and care when composing messages. Do not abuse the editor. This includes text formatting (attributes, size, color, alignment, et al.), html codes, BB codes and others.

Avoid the unnecessary use of nestable quotes, spoilers, hidden texts and other functions. When using these features, remove the irrelevant parts. Use these features only when needed. See this guideline to learn more on the proper use of the quote function.

Images may help explain something more clearly or indicate better a problem you are experiencing. But use them sparingly and with cause.

6. Acceptable and unacceptable content
You are responsible for what you post, so use common sense. You will not hold Icafe Philippines and/or its staff liable for any content expressing your personal views.

Post in a way that is consistent with normal writing. Use the standard alphabet and numerals when composing your message. Writing in ALL CAPS is considered shouting and should be avoided unless if it's necessary. Nuisance writing like textspeak, leet, jejemon, et al., and the excessive use of punctuations and smileys (emoticons and their many variations) are prohibited.

Offensive and abusive posts will not be tolerated. This includes rudeness, profanity, hate speech, bullying, personal attacks, posting NSFW ("not safe for work," examples: pornographic, sexually titillating, violent, etc.) content, flooding, baiting, trolling, flaming, and other forms that go against sensibilities.

7. Illegal materials and activities
Discussion of illegal activities such as software/password cracking, software/music piracy, and other forms of intellectual property violations are prohibited. You will neither post nor link any copyrighted material unless that copyright is owned by you, or the forum, or it has been made freely available to the general public by the copyright holder.

If you post content that was taken elsewhere, make a citation and let others know your sources.

8. Spam and advertisements
Spam and advertisements are not allowed in the main forum. This includes using the forum e-mail and private messaging system to spam other members. If you have any product or services, use our Buy & Sell Section. See Section C for rules regarding the marketplace.

Solicitations, promoting pyramid schemes and multi-level marketing tactics are prohibited.

9. Bad posts
The forum staff cannot moderate every single post and message. It is inevitable that some inappropriate posts get missed. If you see a post that goes against forum rules and community standards, please report it instead of posting in the thread to call their attention. Reporting ensures the staff receives notification of the bad post. Threads can be reported by clicking the [Report to moderator] button below each post.

Posts in violation of the rules can be edited at a staff member's discretion. Whether posts are edited or removed, warnings will be issued, if necessary. Removed posts are kept in the archive for reference.

If a topic develops wherein those participating become too personally involved (example: in cases of heated or stirred arguments), or in the presence of unacceptable content, or in [grave/willful] violation of the forum rules, the topic may be locked without further notice. Warnings will be given when appropriate. Topics may be moved to the archive if necessary.

If you wish to file an appeal to a locked/removed topic, refer to Rule A1, paragraph 2.

Section C - Buy & Sell (Marketplace)

Observe the following rules when using the Buy & Sell Section:

1. Post items in the appropriate category. Items must be related to the ICafe industry.

2. You guarantee that your item has been legally purchased or acquired. You will not hold Icafe Philippines and its staff members liable for any false, misleading or inaccurate representations.

3. Do not mix other brand names, trademarks, or logos into the official ones used by the manufacturer of your item.

4. Using alternative/generic brand-like titles in lieu of the genuine item is not allowed (example: "Thermaltake-like HSF").

5. Posting potentially infringing items is not allowed unless you explicitly indicate that you are a legal reseller of the item, or you're the legal copyright owner. The following is a non-exhaustive list of potentially infringing items:

  • academic copies of software
  • beta/test/evaluation versions or promotional copies of software
  • print media/posters
  • content that is delivered electronically through the Internet or through media exchange/transfer
  • recordable media/storage that contain potentially infringing software/materials
  • OEM software without the original hardware bundle

6. The negotiation board is used for inquiries and/or to show interest in purchasing the item. Other kinds of replies or remarks are not allowed.

7. Icafe Philippines does not guarantee the credibility of the users, of its services, nor the items and services posted by its users.  Icafe Philippines will not be responsible or be involved, in any way, in any direct transaction between buyer and seller, nor in any court litigation that may arise thereby. All users are advised to be extra careful in dealing with any transactions

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